Confidence workshops for schools, nurseries, youth groups and parent run groups

Our popular confidence building workshops are fun, build positivity and self esteem. Each confidence workshops are designed to be individually tailored to your group and ultimately build happier, healthier children.

Imagine the endless benefits of having…

  • More confident children at school
  • Parents and children who build their self-esteem together
  • Shy children coming out of their shell
  • Children being able to concentrate and focus for longer

At Milentos we are passionate about helping children to make the most of their potential and to help them have the confidence to build a life that they love. Our range of life changing programs help children develop the confidence and skills vital for success in education, work & life.

Take a look at our programmes page then give us a call on 01903 244 096 to book a place on a Milentos group

Happy People

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