Who are we and how do we build
confidence and change lives?

Milentos was created by two qualified teachers with over 40 years combined teaching experience. We noticed that there was a direct link between our pupils academic achievements and their level of self esteem; and so we created Milentos to provide a practical, proven solution for schools, youth groups, nurseries and parent run groups.

Children’s development is affected by many different factors but the one thing that most children who flourish have in common is a high level of self-belief. Many children today are lacking the self confidence needed to succeed in life. The enormous pressures underlying today’s society tend to stifle making it harder for your children to achieve their goals and dreams.

We attended a variety of personal development courses and researched many sources which address these issues. The result is our unique Milentos approach. A combination of activities, games, singing and healthy nutritious snacks that have been proven to nurture children’s confidence and self belief.

It’s not just children, parents and education facilities that can benefit from our confidence workshops. We also visit care homes, nursing homes and senior citizens groups working with the older generation to help them regain their confidence, improve their memory and co-ordination, all in a fun and stimulating way.

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