Five Ways to Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing is our hugely successful programme which aims to give young people the tools they need to look after themselves both emotionally and mentally.

The programme asks children to focus on five positive actions they can incorporate into their daily lives as individuals and also as part of their communities.

The actions are:-

  • Connect – encouraging children to strengthen and broaden their range of relationships and social networks. It encourages them to spend time with their friends and family whilst staying safe on the internet.
  • Be active: – stresses that being active is for people of all ages and does not need to be intense physical activity. Being active can also encourage social interactions.
  • Keep learning – learning is for people of all ages and can involve absolutely anything!
  • Take notice – asks children to take time to stop, become aware of their surroundings and listen to their thoughts and feelings about them.
  • Give – focuses on how giving and receiving acts of kindness, whether small or large can make people feel happier and more satisfied about life.

The workshops include a range of activities, with the children especially enjoying parachute games, balloons, snack and chat and reflexology.

See below for some of the lovely feedback we’ve had from past participants.



Feedback from Pupils in a variety of schools in West Sussex


I learnt to massage my fingers

Creating my wish list helped me a lot. I learnt how to massage my hands in parts where i need to. I liked the stones. You could think about your past.

I liked writing on the balloon and popping it.

We learnt about hand massage a wish list, positive thoughts and the stone. Also I loved doing the balloons, although I was a bit sad of popping my balloon.

Creating a wish list for ourselves and the relaxation part because we can do them by ourselves and on our own.

My other favourite part was when we did the balloon popping to get rid of negative feelings and another favourite part was meeting Elle, Debbie, Sophie and Jane.

At the end of the day I always write my worries down on a piece of paper

I liked the bee person because he was funny and I also like the balloons bit.

I enjoyed doing the ‘pop the balloon thing’. I enjoyed it because at first we wrote on the balloon our worries and if we were upset about anything and then we popped the balloon with a pin.

We learnt how to get rid of colds, coughs and tummy aches. So now I use that.

I liked it where we tried the food some was new to me. I also like the song’s/rhythm’s and the parachute


I learnt reflexology, how to get rid of my worries and how to be active! I also learnt SMART, which stands for Safety, Meeting, Aware, Reliable and Tell. Also the last thing is I learnt how to eat more healthy.

I learnt about reflexology which helps me a lot when I’ve got a bad cold. Also, relaxing at the end helped me forget about arguments and things like that and doing the balloons helped with that.

Using the balloons to write my thoughts down on the balloon and popping them to make them all go away. Also eating all of the healthy food and trying new things and the reflexology.

Reflexology because it helps me when I’m stressed. The balloons also helped because all my worries went.

I learnt how to help your body when you are feeling bad. Using the balloons helped me get rid of all my horrible feelings.

I now know how to keep healthy and how to be safe and smart on the internet and i know the reflex point on my hands which will help me a lot

I learnt how to do reflexology, how to relax easily, what the SMART rule is. Also I learnt how to get my brain working.


Yes I did learn self-help tools, I still use them.

How to massage my hands to help my body. I learnt to forget about my worries.

I liked the bit where we popped the balloons. You wrote things that happen to you and pop them.


To try new things and to work better as a team

To be a team

I learnt that in a competition it’s not the prize it’s the taking part.


I’m a bit better at team work after the parachute.

Its Fun

Yes to feel good about yourself, you can trust yourself.

The Whole Day but the parachute the most

That you can massage your hand to get other parts of your body working

I learnt that massaging different parts of your hands massages different parts of your body.

I enjoyed doing the parachute game and trying new foods

I learnt about if i massage my hands it would affect the other parts of my body

My Favourite part of the day was all of it really but I enjoyed doing the parachute games mostly

I enjoyed everything connect, give, be active

If you massage the top of your fingers it helps  your head


Yes, I usually ask if I can go and do these things and now do them almost everyday

My favourite part of the day is when we have the stones out

Yes because the hand movements really helped me in my test

The parts of the hand correspond with the body parts to pain or stress and it really helps

Learning about the massages really helped me when I sometimes get stuck. Connecting with me friends has changed a lot thanks to the Wellbeing day.

I learnt how to help my brain think by rubbing my finger tips and all of the other rubbing around the rest of my hand

Yes I learnt about rubbing your hands to massage different parts of your body. It really helped me and I thought that it was really interesting and useful.

My favourite part of the day was when we tried different foods. I tried loads of different foods that I had never tried before! It was a fun experience and I liked all the ladies that helped us on that day!

When we all lay down in the hall with our eyes shut it is really useful because I tried it at home and i got to sleep easier.

Yes i learnt about the relaxing and I have learnt how to massage my body with my hands.

I liked the balloons because they let me show my problems and when we popped the balloons it was like popping my problems.

Yes i now use the hand massage a lot now and thinking about what worries me has really helped. At the end of the day lying down and relaxing let all my worries out. In the give section the food tasting was a great experience.

I learnt how to be calm

I learnt to relax myself by the massaging on my hand because whenever I’m stressed I use it make me not as stressed and when I have twitching legs I will do it and my legs almost stop immediately

I learnt how I can relax when we did that relaxing thing. It helped me get to sleep sometimes.


Yes I learnt that sometimes it’s better to work together

I really enjoyed the relaxing and lying down also all the food. I also enjoyed the music and the songs were funny.

I really enjoyed the songs and relaxing. I had a lot of fun playing with my friends


I liked it when we were popping the balloon and trying new food

I liked it when we tried new food and popping your worries away

I learnt always the new things that in Egypt they used reflexology

I learnt about reflexology and trying new things

I learnt that if you try new things you will like them a lot and if you write your worries on a balloon and pop it you feel more better afterwards.

It helped when I put my worries on a balloon and popped them

I learnt it is good to try new things and to give


I learnt some messages to do when i am not well and out of breath

That when I’m angry I can massage the tips of my fingers.

I learnt lots of self-help tools that really helped me. I think learning them really helped me. I like how i learnt to massage different parts of my body on just my hands. I really enjoyed it.

When I was lying down I forgot about everything that was bad

I learnt how to get rid of all my worries and how to relax


I learnt learning can be fun


the reflexology helped make me feel more calm

the reflexology helps me sleep

It did help me relax