Milentos goes to France

We recently had the tremendous experience of doing 4 sessions in a French School – in French. The teacher of the class wrote an article, which I translated into English.

Read the article here >>

Progress and stats to date

We are very pleased to be able to announce that over the last two academic years we have been able to work with nearly 700 children in primary and junior schools throughout the Chichester region.

The breakdown is as follows;

2015/16 – 204 children reached from 5 schools and 8 classes
2016/17 – 463 children reached from 12 schools and 18 classes

Total – 667 children

For the forthcoming 2017/18 academic year we currently have plans to visit 11 primary schools and also run our first (pilot) programme in a secondary school

Five Ways Update

Well, we’ve been silent for a long time – but busy. We’ve been doing lots of work in Chichester schools, doing FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING: working with Year 5 pupils. Debbie Stevens (from Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events) and I have been working in with Chichester County Council Wellbeing Team. Thought provoking activities as well as FUN!!!

Children learn to be healthy in mind as well as body thanks to Chichester District Council

The following article first appeared on the Chichester District Council Website on March 30 2016

Schoolchildren across Chichester District are feeling five alive thanks to an exciting project which helps give young people the tools they need to look after themselves both emotionally and mentally.

Youth engagement – Five Ways

Last year Portfield Primary Academy in Chichester was the first school to take part in the pilot Five Ways to Wellbeing project. The project is led by the Youth Engagement Team with help from Debbie Stevens Wellbeing and Milentos Confidence Workshops.

Five Ways to Wellbeing asks children to focus on five positive actions they can incorporate into their daily lives as individuals and also as part of their communities.

The five actions are:

  • Connect – encouraging children to strengthen and broaden their range of relationships and social networks. It encourages them to spend time with their friends and family whilst staying safe on the internet.
  • Be active: – stresses that being active is for people of all ages and does not need to be intense physical activity. Being active can also encourage social interactions.
  • Keep learning – learning is for people of all ages and can involve absolutely anything!
  • Take notice – asks children to take time to stop, become aware of their surroundings and listen to their thoughts and feelings about them.
  • Give – focuses on how giving and receiving acts of kindness, whether small or large can make people feel happier and more satisfied about life.

The workshops include a range of activities, with the children especially enjoying parachute games, balloons, snack and chat and reflexology.

The pilot with the Portfield pupils was so successful that the programme has been rolled out to schools across the district with Central, Medmerry, Tangmere and Sidlesham primary schools also getting on board.

Feedback from the sessions has been extremely positive with teachers saying children are very engaged with all the messages and activities and still remember a lot of what they learnt on the day.

Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Community at Chichester District Council, says: “Equipping our children with the emotional skills and tools to cope with our ever-busy lives and just taking time to think about the important things is so important.

“I’m really pleased at how well this project has taken off and the fact is, the Five Ways are equally as important for adults as for children. I also know that our Wellbeing team has been incorporating this thinking into all of its work since the start of this year which is fantastic.”

To view some short films about Five Ways in action see Chichester District Council’s YouTube channel

Chichester Schools Projects

After our very successful pilot day for Five Ways to Wellbeing in June 2015, we did further workshops in further Chichester Schools. These were very well received by the Year 5 children, and the staff of the schools.


5 Ways to Wellbeing

We recently had a very successful day at Portfield School in Chichester as part of the 5 ways to Wellbeing project. We are now scheduled to run seven more workshops next term at other schools in the Chichester area…..and hopefully after that we will also work further afield.