Confidence workshops and well being activity programmes

Here at Milentos we provide two main types of programmes, either a 10 week course or on going workshops, depending on your organisation. Whichever type of confidence workshop or well being activity programme is suited to you, our qualified Milentors will tailor the activities specifically to your group.

Games such as brain aerobics to help improve memory, songs and dance to improve co-ordination and get everyone joining in and powerful relaxation techniques help to improve concentration are all part of the Milentos method.

10 Week Programme (small and large groups)

Ideal for parent support groups, playgroups, youth clubs and parent run groups. Our 10 week workshop programmes are designed for parents and children to have fun and build their confidence together. Enjoy activities such as games, brain aerobics, and powerful relaxation techniques which help to improve your concentration, memory skills, coordination and much much more.

Each programme is divided into 10 workshops, which last for 1-1.5 hours, depending on the age of the children. All of our activities are designed to boost self-esteem and confidence and are tailored to the participants needs.


Ongoing Workshops

Our ongoing workshops offer better value for money for schools, Nurseries/Pre-schools, Care Homes and Nursing Homes where you need to get the most from your activities budget. A Milentos workshop can also help Care Homes to improve their CQC rating. Our trained Milentors will come to your school or care home and deliver a programme of fun games designed to get everyone involved, encouraging positivity, improving energy levels and improving memory to name but a few benefits.

Each activity session is between 1/2 an hour to 1.5 hours depending on your group. We find that little ones at nursery have less attention span so short, regular sessions work better whereas residents in a care home benefit from a longer session so 1.5 hours is more suitable. Of course it also depends on the group size, we can work with groups large or small.